Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Any news or photos?

Radhekrishna dear devotees,
Premikendra Satgurunath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Wanted to know if there are any new photos of Sri Sri Anna, or information of programs about Sri Sri Anna.

Thank you!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Radhe Krsna,

Thiruppavai Upanyasam By Kitta Anna

Venue:Vaishnava Sabha (Near Dasavathara Temple), Srirangam

Date : From 27-Dec-2008 To 1-Jan-2009


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radhekrishna! Wanted to share an experience with Sri Sri Anna that my mother, Smt SV and subsequently all of us had. This happened in 2006.

By God's grace, my husband and I announced that we are going to have a baby to our parents. My mother had a divine dream a few days before we told her the good news. In her dream Sri Sri blessed my mother by handing down a child. So she had a divine feeling that there is a child going to be born in our house with Sri Sri's blessings. Little did we all know anything about it. She kept it as a secret for several months until I delivered.

My parents came to USA for helping with my delivery and to take care of the newborn. One day prior to my delivery date, as she had a hunch that I am going to deliver soon, my parents completed Paarayanam of Dasamaskandam from Srimad Bhagavatham. Soon after the completion, my friends along with their 2 month old son came to our home. It was as if Sri Krishna was pleased with their recital and blessed/entered our home. The next day, Aug 15, India's independence day was Gokulaashtami. We went to the hospital since my labor had begun. That night around 11:14 pm, our son was born amidst Sri Krishna Janana mantras being sung constantly by my mother and also amidst Krishna bhajans in the delivery room. We all felt that the Lord has come to our house.

My parents wanteed to stay active and usually go out for early morning walks. We were pretty new to this area and so we didnt have many Tamilian friends. But during their walks, they met few Tamilian friends of their age and used to tell us about them.

15 days later after my son's birth, my parents went for another early morning walk. During the walk, my mother glimpsed a Bhagavathar, who is Sri Sri Anna's devotee and whom my mother has seen before in Sri Sri's satsangams but never talked to. Overjoyed to see a Bhagavathar near our place, that too Sri Sri's devotee, my parents greeted them with "Radhekrishna"! The Bhagavathar, happened to be visiting US on a short trip and he made a short break of journey to visit his grandson.

My parents told him that they are here for my delivery and taking care of newborn and invited him home for lunch. They did Padhuka pooja to this great devotee and asked him to sing Ashtapathis and other Bhajans. He blessed us and also the child. I personally felt that Lord Panduranga has come to bless us!

It was a divine experience for all of us since we dont see many Tamil devotees especially Sri Sri Anna's devotees in our area...it was a miracle for us. When my mother shared this with other devotees, they all said that Sri Sri has sent the Bhagavathar to bless the baby after 15 days of his birth soon after the Punyavachanam. It was a miracle indeed! Otherwise, how else can we explain my mother's dream and the subsequent events that happened and a Bhagavathar coming here all the way from India? If this would have happened in California or New Jersey, wouldnt be surprised because there are lot of Tamil spiritual activities going on there. But this incident happening in our place, is a miracle! It's Sathgurunath's blessings and miracles for sure.

We have received blessings from Sri Sri by taking our son to Paranur. Sri Sri lifted him and asked him to wake up (probably meaning wake up from slumber, you have lots of things to accomplish in the spiritual world). By the Lord's grace and Sri Sri's grace, our son is interested in singing Hare Krishna Mahamantra, Sri Rama nama, Gopala songs and always calms immediately whenever we play some spiritual songs. Hope he continues being in the spiritual realm and performs NamaSankeerthan and kainkaryam by His divine mercy.

Premikendra Sathguru Maharaj Ki Jai!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Nandhothsavam Oonjal page http://www.srisrianna.org/ann_prg_103.html has been uploaded today.
Met Sri Anna at Govindapuram

Sitaram! With Sri Anna's grace we attended the Bodendral Aradhana at Govindapuram on 20th and 21st September '08. We reached Govindapuram on 20th early morning. We had Kaveri snanam, went to Bodendral Adhishtanam, prayed and then rushed to have darshan of Sri Anna.
Just then Sri Anna was coming out of his room. The early morning darshan of our Gurunadha is always special. There were only 5 to 6 devotees around and Sri Anna smiling enquired everyone of us. After 10 - 15 minutes Sri Anna went back to his room. We came back to Adhistanam and saw the abhishekam. There were lot of things going on in the mutt.... Ramayana Parayanam, Bhagavatha Parayanam, Bhajans, and Nama chanting.

After abhishegam the Bhagavathas did the alankaram and pooja continued. We got the teerta prasadam and thought to go and see if Sri Anna has come out. As we neared his house we heard the sound of Bhajans. We saw Sri Anna sitting on a chair in the veranda and Sri Vittal das singing Bhajans. As we stood at the entrance Sri Anna smiling asked us to come near. We went and sat near Him. Sri vittaldas sang a lot of Tarangam and Sri Anna thoroughly enjoyed each and every song. There were only 10 people around. Though we did not understand the Bhava of Sri Anna it was a great moment to sit near Him and look at His face for nearly one hour.
Sri Anna then blessed everyone and went inside. From 4:00 - 6:00 Pm and 8:00 - 10:00 PM Sri Anna gave Ramayana Upanyasam (Aranya kanda). At 10:00 PM divyanamam started.

Again on 21st morning we had the early morning darshan of Gurunadha and attended the adhishtanam pooja. We then went back to see Sri Anna. There were more devotees today. Sri Anna came out and sat on a raised platform. We all sat around Him. He blessed, enquired, talked to whoever came to see Him. After half an hour He went inside. Evening Sri Anna gave Kishkinda kandam Upanyasam. By then it was time for us to leave Govindapuram.
We took a few photos of Sri Anna which are available here


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy to share with all bhagavathas that Shrimati Janani Manni delivered a baby girl on Thursday at 18th September. Both the baby and the mother are safe and well by Shri Anna's grace.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

SriSri in MelKote Unjal Utsavam:

Melkote is one of the Abimana Kshetram, since Ramanuja stayed there for more than 12 years. It is the aboding place of Lord Seluva Narayanan (Chellapillai). Chellapillai is the Aradhana Moorthy of Sri Rama. He replaced Srirenganathar (Namperumal) in Ayodhya after Namperumals departure to srirangam with Vibeeshana.


Yagna rama anna Started Govinda sathakam and also Unjal Utsavam for Seluva Narayanan started. Divya Nama bhajan was held everyday

SriSri Arrived Melkote around 2.45 PM. At 3’o clock srisri started Upanyasam. ‘Ramanuja’s Karanataka Yatra’ is the title of the upanyasam. Starting from Invasion on Srirangam by kulothunga cholan and ramanuja yatra towards karnataka and how he blessed people on the way, how he defeated Jains in Thondanur and made the whole village as vaishnavites and ended with Seluva narayanan and bibi Nachiyar marriage.No words to describe about upanyasam. Blessed were the souls who happened to be there that day. After upanyasam Srisri visited seluvanarayanan temple. At the entrance, temple preists gave poornakumba mariyadhai and srisri had darshan of chellapillai,yathugiri nachiyar and Ramanuja.

After Vishnu sahashranamam, Yagna rama anna started to sing remaining songs from Govinda sathakam.After some time kitta anna started for Unjal Utsavam.Bhakthas sang Dolotsavam before chellapillai.

Srisri went to Kalyana saras (Pond) for snanam. Around 8’o clock Unchavrithi started.Lot of localites gathered. Srisri visited every street.After Unchavritihi SriSri Conducted Radha Kalyanam.Asusual it is amazing radha kalyanam.

Around 3PM Upanyasam Started. It is about Various Thiru Kalyanam like Rukmini kalyanam,seetha kalyanam,Aandal Kalyanam and Yethugiri Nachiyar (Bibi Nachiyar) Kalyanam.

Arrival of Chellapillai to our Ramanuja kootam.

SriSri and Bakhthas went to temple to Invite Chellapillai to our Ashramam.Chellapillai followed Ramanuja and reached Ramanuja Kootam after Veedhi Prathakishinam. Bakhthas invited challapillai with Vridhavali. After all temple formalities, chellapillai gave prasadham to kitta anna and left our ashramam.

After Vishnu sahashranamam, Anna went to Unjal Utsavam.

The Auspicious day is Guru Pournima. All the Bhakthas had darshan of Kitta anna. Ramar had Thirumanjanam.SriSri Left Melkote around 2 PM.

Please find the photos

Good News to chennai bakthas!

Ramayanam navaham is held in Ayodya Mandapam,west mambalam from 21 st July to 29 th July.

As per the invitation,

Srisri is expected to give discourse on 21st and 29 th.
Rangaji - 7-9 PM from 23 rd to 28th
Hariji - 4-6 PM from 23rd to 28th
Visaka Manni - 4-6 PM on 26th.
Subadraji - 7-9 on 22nd.

Jai Premikendra Sathguru Mahraj ki!
Sri Anna's golden words

On Vairagya...
We cannot use the Indian currency in America. Similarly money that we possess can be used only as far as we are in this world, we cannot carry it with us after death.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sri Anna's golden words

On Dasyam...
Many people call themselves as Swami. But the true fact is Bhagavan is the only Swami (Master).
We are all His Servants.